The cost of my involvement will depend upon a number of factors which will be hard to ascertain without actually knowing the project details.

It will be a good idea to sit over a cup of tea and discuss the requirements to determine the cost. It is to be believed that “Quality is not expensive, it’s Pricelsss”

  • Scope of work

    Scope of work will determine the requirement of involvement. Like, design type, area, items to be designed, whether decor items are to be selected etc.

  • Time Bound

    The scope of work determine the time required however a typical design requires an involvement of about 1month for a good design to 2 months or more for a detailed and larger project.

  • Service Requirement

    The level of involvement in the project by the designer will affect the overall cost of the project. This requirement is however to be decided by the client as per the service needed.