About the Architect

Ar Sushmita Ranjit

Sushmita is an aspiring and a passionate Architect and has been practicing since 2005. Her hands-on knowledge for architectural built-form, space planning, product designing and site execution over her decade long career has instilled her to gather specific experience to specialize in design and décor for hospitality sector. She has a broader perspective on taking her career into creating a meaningful space with a amalgamation of functional yet unique design combined with good interior ambiance for instigating users’ senses (touch, feel, smell, sight) for the space.

She enjoys on an interactive design experience with her clientele, which has resulted in satisfying and nurturing prospective future. She also believes that Architecture is less about mathematics and more about visual connections and emotions that we feel related to the place we spend our time. Like ‘Tying thread to the beads’, design should connect the true essence of where it stands, what it represents and how to carry it forward.